Ambassador - Randy Cook

Ambassador-RandyCook2.jpgI began running in the mid 1960s to get in shape for tennis and swimming in high school. Then I discovered that I liked running so much that I started entering races and eventually competed on a high level until my hips wore out in 1987. My best times are: 5K-15:40, 10K- 32:11, half marathon-1:11:32, and the marathon in 2:29:14. I had both hips replaced in a 25 year span and did not run until I decided to see if I could make a comeback in 2012. I recently published a book titled Hip! Hip! Hooray! I'm Running Again! My goal is to continue to run 5-6 times a week, promote running, and encourage others whether they are beginning runners or recovering from an injury. Some of my favorite experiences were running on teams so I am elated that I have been selected to represent Running Etc. as an Ambassador.