Ambassador - Renee Britt

Ambassador-ReneBritt.jpgI love going to concerts and am a happy crazy running enthusiast! I didn’t start running until 2013 and completed my first half marathon March 2014. After the Boston Marathon bombings I had the great idea to try my hand at the marathon. Since November 2014, I have completed five full marathons, countless half marathons and way too many 5k's, 8k's, and 10k's. While my favorite distances are the 8k and 10K, I keep signing up for marathons because… well, I do. I am a back of the pack runner and extremely proud of my 5:54:11 marathon PR! If I am not running a race, you can usually find me cheering at races – complete with signs and an awesome red cowbell. Running has given me strength, courage and confidence that I didn’t realize I had and, also, friends who have become family.

I recently started a blog (Crazier by the Mile) to document the ups, downs and sideways that running (and life) can present.